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2021.12.08 21:52 jimmyjimjimmongton Hey guys don’t forget your free award behind the sale icon, show some love in the comments!

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2021.12.08 21:52 ThuggerLeFlamo From a Pessimist to a Optimist

2021 has been a roller coaster for me. Full of Up and Down's.
[BACKGROUND: Useless kid before the military with no sense of purpose and goals who basically been abandoned from his family."]
I got out of the military this year feeling lost. I lost my sense of belonging, direction, values, and purpose. I spent 2 months loafing around, indulging myself with old bad habits, such as eating bad food, not working out, and started smoking weed on a daily basis. I spent everyday chasing that high to get away from reality and also the fact that I was 30 lbs overweight. I was a chub boy.
At the time, I started working at a Meat Factory. Now, how the hell did I end up in mininum-wage job when I can be doing better with my impressive resume. I didn't know that answer for myself at the time, but I was in a bad mind-state.
After about a month of working there, this build-up of tension that I've been bottling up. I knew I didn't belong there. After seeing all the lifers there, I pictured myself in their shoes, but 5-10 years ahead wasting my potential. I don't know, but I just remember saying "Fuck it" and walked out of the meat factory and left without a plan.
Next thing I did? I went to Wal-Mart for a bump pay of $17 from $14. I thought I was happier. As each month passed by, I was getting that urge of dread that's been built up again. That work environment was the worst experience. Coming from the military, that job is more toxic in my opinion due to the lack of trust in co-workers, management, bad attitudes of customers, etc. That feeling of wasted potential. The visualization of the future-old man me sitting in that rocking chair living in regrets. That picture scared the shit out of me so? I left that job without a plan again, but I'm glad I did.
I was jobless with my wife working her tail end for the bills. I felt very, very bad. I was very selfish. I didn't realize how much I was putting her through because of how much I was inside of my negative mind. She was fed up with how agitated I've become. She called me out of my bullshit and when she did. I am grateful for that humbling moment and still am!
One day, my friend randomly text me about this martial art gym that he's been attending for the past year. He told me to "face my fears" as I was smoking out of my bong lol. I took that as a challenge for myself. I text back with "sure" with doubts in my head. We agreed on a day we would go together. When that day came, we were driving an hour to the gym. I was filled with nervousness of the unknown.
When we showed up to the gym, did all the paperwork, etc. I was a complete beginner in martial arts, but I excelled in sports. I immersed myself into the art like a sponge. The first time I did some pad-work. I instantly knew that this was the thing that's been missing in my life. I instantly signed up and paid for the classes. I came out of that gym feeling like a brand new man. I haven't smiled that big in a looong time. That spark of fire, the feeling of that drive came back into me. So?
I continue to immerse myself into the art. As I did, I was getting better, eating healthier, started respecting myself, and shed 25 lbs over about 2 months. I became obsessed with it to the point where I would come home to continue to train, workout and started watching a lot of videos where I can learn techniques, etc. Through that art, I learned about humility, kindness, culture, etc.
Now as time went on, I built up all of these good habits and discarded these old bad habits of mine unconsciously. I had something to look forward to, but the problem was still there internally. That art I learned. I used to escape. I took a break from martial arts and spent most of my time in solitude and reflection for 2 months while I picked up a new job.
As I continued to keep up with my good system of habits, I committed myself to a lifetime of learning. I immersed myself with new ways of thinking, different mentalities, good decision making self-improvement books and audio books etc. I just woke up one day and everything that I've learned just clicked for me. It's like I took that limitless pill and I unlocked 90% of my other half of the brain. I started becoming aware of my unconsciousness as I kept a meditation routine as well. I realized that I have been limiting myself from my own potential. All of my imaginary weight has been lifted. All of my negative thoughts and grudge that I have been holding in that I have been hardwired to started becoming easier to manage. I look forward to learning everyday. I was learning machine and that made me happy.
It was just all self-inflicted. Of course, it was obvious, but it wasn't at the same time for me. I became at peace with myself. My relationship with my very patient wife improved dramatically. When she saw that I was improving myself. She wanted to improve too so we use self-improvement, etc as a tool to better our marriage.
Now as I prepare to keep searching for knowledge and constant improvement with my internal. I figured out that I have dyscalculia. I've always wondered what was wrong with my weakness? Why I couldn't improve at this skill called math. I've been undiagnosed my whole life telling myself that I wasn't capable of learning when I excelled at other topics, if not better than others but I was wrong! It just takes me longer to get to where people are at in math aha.
Where am I at now in my life? Well, I'm still at that job that pays less, but I'm happier because of a better work environment. But? I made a new plan for myself, which is college and plan to fight competition next year! I used to avoid college because of the limitations I set for myself. That dream of mine that I used to always visualize about is now becoming more clearer and achievable. One quote that I hold close to is
“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.” - Confucius
When I think about that quote, it is a reminder of my purpose, my value, and my dream. Though, you might have expected me to be better off financially right now. I may not know which career I want to get into, but I believe I will be okay wherever I am at because I will never disrespect myself again. I am working towards my financial freedom. I know I will achieve anything that I put my mind to because the sky is limitless!
If anything, Just Do It. Your peers opinion do not matter. Stop limiting yourself. Find your sense of desire in life. Build a good system of habits. Re-program your mentality/way of thinking. Manifest and work towards it! Things will click and the picture will become clearer as you chop down that tree one at a time. Just keep doing it!
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2021.12.08 21:52 Why-y-y-y Become a Part of my World

My whole wide world…
It’s waiting, wishing, wondering when it will be told…

I wish I could show you my world
All the hidden truths
That have been left untold.

I could show you all the sights
That there is to see.
If only you’d open up your eyes
And chose to follow me.

There’s so much hidden things
Wishing to be unburied.
Just take one of these rings…
I’ll show you once we’re married!

When you’re part of my world
You will see,
Just how great it is
To be with me.

I can show you so many things.
There’s a world out there
It’s filled with beauty
And with care.

There’s a world out there,
One that’s kind and just and fair.

You’ve seen the bad
I can show you the good.
You may be sad,
But that’s a feeling I once understood.

Life gets better,
It really does.
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2021.12.08 21:52 Wolfwalker71 Is Superman Circumcised? Book details the Jewish History of the world's most famous superhero.

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2021.12.08 21:52 El_UniBeard Social Studies teachers. What’s the most niche historian you’ve ever hear of?

For instance. I met a man who got his doctorate in the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg, Culp’s Hill.
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2021.12.08 21:52 Poogekins LF Drifloon BDSP

Don’t care about IVs or nature. Just need it for my dex. DM me if you have one for trade. Thanks!
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2021.12.08 21:52 DamnBumHangers Smell-a-like to L'Occitane Honey Harvest Shea butter hand cream?

My hands become parched, dry, and honestly quite painful in the winter. This year they've started to crack and bleed in small micro-tears around my nail beds and fingertips. I work in healthcare, so I am forever washing my hands (not complaining) or applying drying hand sanitizer to them.
Each year I treat myself with a nice tube of hand cream with shea butter, but avoid fragranced ones for use while I'm working. BUT, on accident I picked up L'Occitane's Honey Harvest Shea butter cream at TJ Maxx recently and I've fallen in LOVE with this fragrance.
Does anyone happen to know of a perfume that smells similar?
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2021.12.08 21:52 Defiant_Race_7544 The average dog knows 89 words and phrases

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2021.12.08 21:52 stephkempf [Thank You] FMPP6 Part 25.7

I am so behind on thank yous and I'm sorry!
Thank you u/Intrepid-researcher x5 for the holiday cards and postcards! You put so much detail into this whole thing! We're going through a cold snap here right now. It's so cold and windy all the time! For the holidays I'm just visiting my family. I'm going to hang this ornament on my tree! My cat kept trying to steal it!
Thank you u/stephanietay x3 for the giant postcards and the postcard pack! I can't wait to try these snacks you included! My cat kept trying to steal them from me lol I'm going to share your generous gift of these cards with RAoC :)
Thank you u/lucilimon for the cute little penguin holiday card! I hope your holiday season is great :)
Thank you u/bree867 for the holiday card and your kind words! It has been so nice exchanging with you on RAoC this year!
Thank you u/lonelytwatwaffle for the postcard about moving with Jackson Klein! AI can't imagine moving that far with a cat! Both of my cats have been brought to me by my sister lolol But moving is all around stressful. I have never moved as far as you have though! Congrats on the new place!
Thank you u/battle_metal for the glitteriest card I have ever received lol I can't even look at this thing without it spitting more glitter out hahaha It is pretty though ;)
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2021.12.08 21:52 Lawrence_defiants Mwajuma | Playing Football in Zanzibar | The Power of Connection

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2021.12.08 21:52 sinertex CryptoBody | Collect the NFTs and Claim the Jackpot 🎰 | Rewards in $BNB

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2021.12.08 21:52 StrangelyTheStrange The perfect gift for our LDR nerds

... because we miss them so much.

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2021.12.08 21:52 bruised_banana415 Looking to swap my 7:00 ticket for 1 9:30 ticket for the show at the Punch Line tonight

Lmk if you are willing to swap tickets. Looking to meet inline at the venue or handle the transaction via facetime as Ticketmaster is not allowing ticket transfers to this show. Thanks!
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2021.12.08 21:52 PeytopSkiddlyBop its finally time to play #HaloInfinite and I'm super excited and also not excited to start on legendary difficulty or whatever the highest is.Going to be playing some multiplayer later tonight as well!

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2021.12.08 21:52 qmehs Team building tips please! (Disregard the troll comp in the back)

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2021.12.08 21:52 ZoobBot 191666

This is the 191666th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.08 21:52 SirCuddleBear Looking for item

Would anyone happen to have a level 55 Lagoth'Ak's Voidbinding that they would be willing to part with? I'm trying to get one for my buddy and trying to farm it out is getting quite tedious.
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2021.12.08 21:52 pareidolic517 Digital thermometer question

This is in reference to an oral thermometer, taken under the tongue. When i take repeated measurements, each subsequent measurement is slightly higher, and eventually stabilizes after 3-4 measurements. Ex. first reading is 98.1, second 98.5, third 98.8. Which reading is valid, the first or highest?
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2021.12.08 21:52 beachh0use Selling 5yrs old Clash Royale Account KT Lvl 14. 25 Max Cards, All Lvl 13 Cards apart from 1 Champions & Golden Knight not found yet, 197 emotes including rare and paid ones, 21 Tower Skins, 5yrs Veteran Badge, 77 Cards Max Star Levels. DM me for price on here or on Discord at candolove#5072

Selling 5yrs old Clash Royale Account KT Lvl 14. 25 Max Cards, All Lvl 13 Cards apart from 1 Champions & Golden Knight not found yet, 197 emotes including rare and paid ones, 21 Tower Skins, 5yrs Veteran Badge, 77 Cards Max Star Levels. DM me for price on here or on Discord at candolove#5072 submitted by beachh0use to SupercellAccounts [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 21:52 BingBongBoofer Which season do you think had the best cast of all time?

I think 41 has a fantastic cast, but what is your favorite?
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2021.12.08 21:52 Augustinian-Knight Joshua

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2021.12.08 21:52 SnowmanZak New Season Ideas

Recently I've been watching a lot of Rome 2 Total War content and realized that a bunch of factions have great units that could translate into seasonal units for future season for Conqueror's Blade. I'll throw some ideas up for a Rome, Greek, and Eastern season.
Blue: Triarii (SpeaShield), Gladiators (Sword/Shield or Net and Trident), or Velites (Javies)
Purple: Legionnaires or Armored Legionaries (Heavy Sword/Shield Infantry)
Gold: Praetorian Cavalry (Heavy Melee Cav) or Praetorian Guard (Elite Sword/Shield Infantry)
Blue: Greek Peltast (Javies) or Hoplites (SpeaShield), or Slingers (Ranged Blunt Damage)
Purple: Greek Pikemen (Pike/Shield)
Gold: Hippeus Lancers (Heavy Shock Cav)
Blue: Partian Sword Infantry (Sword/Shield)
Purple: Cataphract Eastern Horse Archers
Gold: Eastern Royal Cataphracts (Heavily Armored Shock Cavalry), Eastern Chariots or even War Elephants
The War Elephants probably won't ever happen, but I feel its a worthy inclusion for the sheer insanity that it would bring. Everything else seems self explanatory, but some of you may see the Eastern Royal Cataphracts and think of the Cataphract Lancers currently in game, but I assure you that is not what they are. Cataphracts from the east were more along the lines of Winged Hussars with massive amounts of armor, so they could charge in and get would without too much damage. The net/trident gladiators could be interesting because having like a throw net ability to maybe lock models in place could possibly work. Slingers are the big one for me because every unit except axe raiders have been piercing damage, but what if we had a lower tier unit with blunt ranged damages, since the literally throw stones at people. If you have any thoughts on anything, I'd be curious to read them
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2021.12.08 21:52 Mr_Doople I made this. I’m so sry

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2021.12.08 21:52 CrustLoins Game Stats vs Clemson

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2021.12.08 21:52 perfdayforbananafish Caught Pandora mid-yawn.

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