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Did quarantine get you into baking? My first homemade batch of brownies!

2021.12.08 21:33 rediculici0us Did quarantine get you into baking? My first homemade batch of brownies!

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2021.12.08 21:33 ThrowawayIneedhelpX LF: Magmar W/ Magmarizer FT: Electabuzz W/Electirizer

BDSP Modest Magmar if possible. Thanks
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2021.12.08 21:33 FrontpageWatch2020 [#415|+2396|291] Mucus Removal from Throat! [r/popping]

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2021.12.08 21:33 cozyedwin zekrom raid 4780 6033 2498

add me
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2021.12.08 21:33 imad07mos In 2022 Apple will also enter the metaverse

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2021.12.08 21:33 KPopology 211209 Consequence: Artist of the Month TOMORROW X TOGETHER on Connecting Through Their Music: “We Want Our Fans to Be Proud”

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2021.12.08 21:33 pyrospheres Still think FoW has the prettiest card art out of every tcg ive collected, here are my favs

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2021.12.08 21:33 Swishfranks Halo corpse launch

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2021.12.08 21:33 Human-Ad-8389 ...

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2021.12.08 21:33 DiabloNemesis07 Which one am I?

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2021.12.08 21:33 indianapolis505 Mechanic for PPI in Denver? Looking for suggestions. Have a late 90s suburban identified in Denver area that I would like to have someone local check out who knows what they’re looking at to give it a thumbs up or thumbs down open to ideas! Thank you

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2021.12.08 21:33 DesignOk7418 Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made

Without the hype the movie would hv been a better experience!!But hype was due to controversial!!
Still worth trying the most controversial movie of 2018 The "DO Not watch the movie" disclaimer in the Pre-credit of the movie makes you curious!!
Direct stream👇 https://disturbingflicks.ml/view-RYYMsqSQblEfSKaLhoBvlQDnQmKT5Jf
Telegram 👇👇 https://t.me/uncutmovies123/11
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2021.12.08 21:33 Shot_Information_882 Power Armor and Nuclear Winter

I don't know if this is an obvious question or not but I was wondering something about power armor. Specifically, how does it hold against extreme sub-zero temperatures (-60 Fahrenheit and lower) and even just nuclear winter in general? Can they keep the wearer warm or do most models, I'm more specifically talking about the T-45 series, get overwhelmed with such cold and radiation and can't protect the wearer?
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2021.12.08 21:33 FrontpageWatch2020 [#214|+2916|27] I come bearing gifts [r/funny]

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2021.12.08 21:33 CaffeinatedHotsauce Is anyone else scared of Zumbo

Seriously. He creeps me out and I don't know why.
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2021.12.08 21:33 OkIndependence485 Vietnamese Vocabulary from Netflix's Hellbound!

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2021.12.08 21:33 EyeWunderY When I was a child and heard people mentioning Hannukah, I thought they were talking about a harmonica. I thought "Wow. This will be fun, everyone playing a harmonica".

I was a stupid little goy.
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2021.12.08 21:33 NabbitFan600 Give a word and I will might make a video about it.

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2021.12.08 21:33 YOW-Weather-Records Today is Montréal's first -17 windchill of the season. Typical first is December 2. Record earliest is Nov 10, 2017; latest Jan 1, 2002.

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2021.12.08 21:33 artur-fernand Pra quem tem memórias futebolísticas vívidas do final dos anos 2000/começo de 2010, esse é o momento mais BIZARRO do futebol mundial

Eu to ligado que tem um pessoal aqui que nasceu tipo em 99 ou, Deus me livre, 2000, então primeiras memórias de futebol desse pessoal é esse período aí. Ou a galera como eu, que tinha seus 15, 16 anos nessa época. Pensem aí:

Imagina só, vc lá em 2010, não conseguiria nem conceber a ideia de Palmeiras, Fla e Galo ganharam uma liberta e Palmeiras ser tri antes do São Paulo ser tetra
Ou sequer imaginar o BARCELONA sendo eliminado da FASE DE GRUPOS da Champions
De constante, só os filhos da puta do Bayern e Real no topo mesmo. Apesar que o Real temporada passada ficou a uma derrota de cair nos grupos também, fomos privados disso.
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2021.12.08 21:33 Count_Meowza Question Regarding a Symphonia rumor. Possible spoilers.

I've heard so many rumors that you could actually fight the false chosen party in the game but I've never been able to make it happen for myself or seen any video clips of it. So what's the verdict guys this true or false?
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2021.12.08 21:33 noahgula I just wanted enjoy my Gordita 😭

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2021.12.08 21:33 rickysa [NEW SINGLE] Enterprise Earth - ‘Legends Never Die’

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2021.12.08 21:33 peachesperfects Very new to streaming, peachesperfects is the name

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2021.12.08 21:33 WeirdBryceGuy A simple walk through the countryside can be a very dangerous experience

The air was cool, crisp enough to necessitate a jacket, but not cold enough to warrant staying inside. I wanted to go out—to walk around in the open air, to breathe in the bracing freshness of it. After a break-up with my girlfriend of two years I’d been bored, and lonely, and while I wasn’t ready to interact with people, I did want to be around them; felt that I could find company in their proximity. So, I put on a rather loose and somewhat antiquated jacket—inherited from my fatally adventurous grandfather—and headed out.
Ignoring the paths that lead toward town, I instead ventured in the direction of the country; wanting to be as near as possible to plains, fields, and the natural, humbling openness of rural life. There are still homes and homesteads abound, and I knew that just seeing them in the distance, or passing peacefully by them would be enough satisfy my small desire of human availability.
The sky had been greyed by some earlier storm, and was in the dismally gradual process of clearing up. The clouds, plump and slow-moving, occluded the light of a burgeoning sun; and the resultant atmosphere was partly gloomy, partly promising of a bountifully lit afternoon. I paid no real attention to the sky’s progress; satisfied to allow it to deepen in its gloom or clear up completely.
I decided on a seemingly source-less whim to leave the side of the road and head into a far-spanning field, a space between two far-flung properties. The grass was still wet, the soil underneath soft, but I was able to tread it easily, without anything clinging to my shoes. I don’t remember going very far before it happened. I couldn’t have walked for more than twenty or thirty yards—no more than half a mile from the road.
The sky, in a shockingly sudden atmospheric shift, blackened; the clouds becoming pitch-black veils, hovering shadows amidst some void expanse. The sun’s light was instantly snuffed out, and if you’d told me that the celestial body had been wholly obliterated or removed from its position in space, I would’ve probably believed you. The sudden totality of darkness was that jarring, that inexplicable.
For a terrifying moment I was blind, sight utterly taken from me, and then I saw it: a single flash, which illuminated the country-side in a deeply but inexpressibly unsettling manner; an uncanny spark of almost supernatural activity. After a moment, another followed, and then another, and the sounds of their explosive violence reached me; and I finally realized that I was caught in the middle of a thunderstorm. Hail came moments later, small jagged chunks of crystal that harmlessly bounced off my head—covered with a baseball cap—and jacketed shoulders. Some crystals were larger than others—and therefore more dangerous—but I didn’t pay any attention to these; being so wholly captivated by the thunderstorm, the volatility of the coming chaos.
Breathlessly, I watched those sparks suddenly arc, as if further galvanized by some engine amidst the heart of the storm, and beheld a dizzying, terrifying showcase of nature’s raw power. The lightning coursed through the sky like a pendulum, arcing back and forth, drawing closer to the Earth each time, in a hungry search of something with which to make contact. The air, electrically charged, smelled of burnt earth and volcanic winds.
I don’t remember ever thinking, “you should run.” The phenomena above were so stupefying, so existentially humbling, that I was as fixed to that spot as a tree or a signpost. And it was this status as a fixture, the sole object in that field, that brought to me the searing meteorological fury of that storm. I saw a blossoming of light, as of some solar eruption, and then felt, with my entire body, the passage of an immense electric charge.
I was saved from utter destruction by the millions of electric volts thanks to my grandfather's jacket. Had I been wearing my usual leather jacket, or anything more restricting, I probably would’ve been cooked alive in my clothing during the flash-evaporation of my body’s sweat.
The lightning strike was still insupportably powerful; I was knocked unconscious immediately, and upon waking I found myself lying several feet from where I’d been standing. There was a curious pattern of burning material across my torso; as if the lightning had upon contact wrapped itself around me, like a coil of molten chains. My grandfather’s coat was ruined, and my shoes, strangely, were smoking. When I took them off, I saw that the soles were black; irreparably charred.
Feeling beneath my smoldering clothing, I found my skin unusually hot to the touch, but not badly damaged. I was most concerned by my inability to hear in my left ear. Above me, hidden by the now tempestuous darkness, thunder reverberated amidst the darkly fulsome clouds, and I realized that I could only hear its rage through my right ear. The partial deafness was also accompanied by an inability to properly focus on one spot for too long, as if sight was something to be achieved through effort, and not naturally granted. Panic set in at the obvious neurological damage, and I tried to stand, but found that I couldn’t feel or move my legs.
Debilitated, terrified, with panic steadily mounting, I tried to think of what to do. I knew that calling out would be utterly pointless; the two nearest homes being miles away, and the road having been untraveled all morning. I also felt with a superstitious sensitivity that the sky was somehow sentient, and would hurl its fury at me again if I gave evidence that I’d survived its first volley. So, I kept quiet, and sat there helplessly, while the firmament boiled blackly above me.
I think I’d been on the verge of passing out when she appeared, wreathed in that cosmic light, which was somehow both comforting and horrifying in its effulgence. She was tall, inhumanly tall, and I remember cowering even lower to the ground, practically coming to rest on my back, when I fully made out the immensity of her stature. Standing at around twelve feet, she loomed formidably over me, and I thank that infernal lightning strike for inhibiting my capacity for sight; because I’m sure I would’ve lost my mind had I been able to see certain other, only implied aspects of her overall appearance.
Seemingly naked, with immaculately toned muscles wrapped tautly in ivory flesh, she knelt over me, and wrapped me up in her powerful arms. I was effortlessly lifted from the ground, and held against her bosom, like a straw doll in a child’s embrace—or a child in a mother’s. Cradled so, I was carried for some time across the field, while the sky voiced its immemorial ire, and I saw other forms, other giants, going every which way around us. These too were veiled, enshrouded, or otherwise armored by an ultramundane light, with similarly pale and beautifully unblemished skin beneath. They paid no attention to us, and went about their business with a slow, dance-like grace; as if enchanted by some communal dream.
It didn’t occur to me to try and communicate with my savior. I’d been so shaken by the lightning strike, and was so enraptured by the subsequent salvation, that my mind could only manage to direct me to silently observe and marvel at the sights.
Apparently reaching our destination, I was set down on the damp grass again, and saw—beyond the shimmering form of the giant woman—a sky slightly less perilous. The clouds were still bloated and dark, but there was no electrical activity to be seen; the thunder was something heard off in the distance. The hail fell infrequently, innocuously.
My savior smiled, and my body was filled with a restoring warmth; even as my heart was seized by dread at the sight of her more than monstrous maw, and the six eerily lustrous eyes above it. It was the face of something that had never been human, and would never truly understand human nature and our capacity for fear. A being of an entirely different mold. Even her hair, which fell goldenly past her bare shoulders, seemed somehow unwholesomely alien to my human sensibilities.
I was distracted from potentially discovering some other inspiration of horror in her appearance by the return of feeling to my legs, sound to my ear, and the steadying of my eyesight. I blinked, wriggled my toes in my half-burnt socks, and turned my left ear toward the booming cannon shots of the thunder behind me, and was filled with an indescribable joy. My towering guardian, seeing me restored, then turned her attention to the sky; and mine was brought there as well, by the sound of a great roaring. This noise was not the concussive, darkly echoic sound of atmospheric violence, but a howl of bestial life; there was a sentience behind it, however feral.
A collection of clouds above were suddenly lit up, and I saw, highlighted in their center, a shadowy form; dragon-like and massive, with broad black wings, and a segmented tail the length of its body. And then like a fast-turning searchlight, the scope of illumination was transferred from the great beast, and came trailing downward; and I realized with a heart-sinking sureness that the light was not something born of the storm—and had just been hurled landward by the dragon.
And sure enough, that searing javelin came shooting out of the heavens, streaking whitely, and I cried out like an animal caught in the snare of a hunter.
But without hesitation or any suggestions of fear, my stoic guardian reached up and caught the bolt in her hand, and with her seemingly Empyrean power, reconstituted it; giving it the same spectral tinge and heavenly nature as her own cloak of light. Then, with little time spent visibly charting the flight path of the winged fiend, she hurled the bolt back at it. The brilliantly golden spear spent perhaps half a second in the air, before striking the cloud-enshrouded dragon, and I watched, awe-struck, as it plummeted from its cloud enclosure.
And, as if to prevent some calamitous result of its contact with land, more bolts—hundreds of them—went soaring skyward; thrown by those other giants who we had quietly passed. They all struck the clipped beast with a sky-shaking simultaneity, and the thing exploded completely, becoming a haze of twinkling particles. Its disintegration then had a wondrous effect on the sky. As if the heart of that foul storm had been destroyed, the preternaturally endarkened sky was then relieved of its gloom. The storm’s cessation was as sudden as its arrival.
When the sun’s rays were again allowed to grace the Earth, my protector turned to me once more and offered another one of her bizarrely, horrifically alien smiles. Not wanting to be rude, I offered one back, but quickly directed my gaze towards the now beautiful sky, so that her image was not thoroughly or irreversibly imprinted on my mind.
And without ever having spoken a word, the woman, that Titanic, cryptically angelic being, then disappeared in a shimmer of light; leaving me alone in the field.
I sat there for nearly an hour, marveling at the bucolic beauty of the sunlit country, and then left, returning to my home. I’ve put my grandfather’s scorched coat into a chest with other valuable things, as a permanent reminder of that momentous, terrifying, and providential experience; knowing that the burns on my body will in time heal.
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