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2021.12.08 22:48 Snoo_35416 Type 2

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2021.12.08 22:48 Smalltowncopper The first

Hey y’all I’m 25(m) and I was recently in a wreck. Since then I lost my job and during the wreck I broke my neck femur and heel and tore all the ligaments in my hand. I was also told that I was close to death several times.
I’ve noticed that since the wreck I feel like I have died and I’m just carrying on through a different simulation or whatever. Yesterday was the worst I felt like I lost my mind I was hyper the day felt like a dream I went to bed and felt like I automatically woke up into the next day.
Is this a normal thing after a traumatic incident.
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2021.12.08 22:48 natiforrn Owner denying bonus?

Hey y’all.
Long story short, the owner of the company I work for is dodging all of my questions about my end of the year bonus for meeting sales goals. I went above and beyond for sales this year, (40% higher than last year) so I don’t really know how she’s going to be able to justify not giving me my bonus.
Do I have any protections against this kind of thing? Is there anything I can do if I’m not given my bonus?
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2021.12.08 22:48 grilledchickenlol Shoud I tell Josip Franz Tito that I have a crush on him

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2021.12.08 22:48 Taluca_me Why does Martin draw some of the humans in the series as cartoonish while others with uncanny valley faces?

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2021.12.08 22:48 point-blank13 Dove headfirst into the world of suppressors with a rugged obsidian 9mm, Omega 300 and Octane 45. Will use on IWI 11.5”, Stribog and pistols. What mounting system do I need?

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2021.12.08 22:48 lutra360 Which style do you prefer for a webtoon, A or B? (Please motivate your choice)

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2021.12.08 22:48 Brief-Walk-4685 The Biggest Swiping Community. Active Groupchat + Vendor. PPP/EDD/Bank Logs

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2021.12.08 22:48 clindlikeslolis Good mechanical pencils for writing kanji?

Any good mechanical pencil recommendations? Preferably for writing kanji?
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2021.12.08 22:48 Quail_Man__ Should I open this and use it, or just buy another one that’s loose? Basically just want to know if this is worth keeping “new” or not.

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2021.12.08 22:48 Ooftmoontime Let's deep dive on USDT's and USDC's much cooler older brother the Terra ecosystem. Understanding the economic model behind Terra - an ecosystem which hopes to provide global, algorithmic stablecoins.

Let's deep dive on USDT's and USDC's much cooler older brother the Terra ecosystem. Understanding the economic model behind Terra - an ecosystem which hopes to provide global, algorithmic stablecoins. What is Terra? What is Lunar? How does it differ from other stablecoins? I hope to answer these questions below and provide an informative guide for users dipping their toes in the ecosystem. As always chime in if you feel there are any inaccuracies or have another perspective.
  • DPoS blochain supporting stable payments and open financial infrastructure development
  • Algorithmically backed stable coin supported by fiat-pegged stable coins which are stabilised by the native crypto asset Luna
  • Stable coins are pegged to the USD, EUR, CNY, JPY, BGP, KRW, IMF, SDR
  • Luna represents mining power in the Terra network – the stake represents the pro-rata odds of generating Terra blocks
  • Built using the Cosmos SDK, utilising a PoS BFT consensus mechanism based on Tendermint
  • Relies on the top 100 validators to commit new blocks into the blockchain – they broadcast votes, which contain cryptographic signatures signed by each validator’s private key
  • In order to maintain the security network validators will incur heavy slashing if: 1) Double sign, 2) Are non-responsive, 3) Miss too many oracle votes
What is Luna?
  • The native token of the Terra ecosystem and serves to protect the integrity of Terra mechanisms through staking
  • It plays a crucial role in pegging the value of Terra stable coins to fiat currencies by acting as collateral
  • It can exist in 3 states:
  1. Unbonded = Luna that may be freely traded
  2. Bonding = Luna that is staked, accuring rewards for both the delegator and validator
  3. Unbonding = Luna that is undergoing the process of being undelegated from a validator by the delegator, such that it may be freely traded. This process takes 21 days
How does Luna address multi-fiat pegged monetary policy?
  • Price-stability
    • Terra aims to be a family of cryptocurrencies that are pegged to the world’s major currencies
    • Terra SDR will be the flagship currency of the family as it exhibits the lowest volatility against any one fiat currency. This is the currency in which transaction fees, miner rewards and stimulus grants will be denominated
    • Liquidity is achieved by Terra by supporting atomic swaps at market exchange rates – e.g. you can swap Terra EUR for Terra USD at the effective EUUSD exchange rate. This allows for international trade settlements

  • Measuring price-stability
    • A decentralised price oracle is used to estimate the true exchange rate
    • The mechanism is as follows:
      • For any Terra sub-currency miners will submit a vote for what they believe to be the current exchange rate in the target fiat asset
      • Every n blocks the vote is tallied by taking weighted medians as true rates
      • X amount of Terra is rewarded to those who voted within 1 SD of the elected median. Those who voted outside may be punished via slashing of their stakes
    • Minimising the risk of profiting by a false vote is achieved by limiting the vote to a subset of voters who have a significant vested interest in the system

  • Achieving price-stability
    • Stability is achieved with consistent mining awards and following a simple supply vs demand model
      • For example, when price levels are falling below the target, contracting the money supply will return price levels to normalcy
    • Terra miners absorb volatility in the Terra supply
      • Miners can absorb contraction costs through mining power dilution – in this case the system mints and auctions more mining power to buy back and burn Terra, contracting the supply until its price has returned to the peg. This will temporarily dilute the mining power
      • They are compensated in the long term as the system buys back mining power until a fixed target supply is reached, and then increases mining rewards

How miners absorb short-term volatility but are compensated in the long-term
  • Luna serves as a defence mechanism against Terra price fluctuations
    • When Terra USD price < 1 USD, users and arbitragers can send 1 Terra USD to the system and receive 1 USD’s worth of Luna
    • When Terra USD price > 1 USD, users and arbitragers can send 1 USD’s worth of Luna to the system and receive 1 Terra USD
    • What is important to note here is that $1 worth of LUNA DOES NOT equal to 1 LUNA token

  • Luna is minted to match with Terra offers, which theoretically means that if unmitigated represents diminishing rewards for miners due to inflation. This is circumvented by burning a portion of Luna that is earnt during expansions, until Luna reaches a supply of 1 billion
  • There are two ways in which miners are rewarded for their work:
    • Transaction fees
      • Defaulted to 0.1%, with a maximum of 1%
      • These fees are significantly cheaper when compared to what centralised financial institutions offer with modern financial products
    • Luna burn (seigniorage)
      • Luna is burnt, making miner power more scarce
  • Logically it would follow, to maintain consistency within the system and reduce volatility:
    • If mining rewards are increasing then fee rewards DECREASE and the rate of Luna burning DECREASES
    • If the mining rewards are decreasing then fee rewards INCREASE and the rate of Luna burning INCREASES

Miner reward function
Let’s go over some maths. The following is from the whitepaper and formalises the relationship between transaction fees and miner rewards.

Let’s assume that ft, Rt and bt represent the transaction fees. Therefore, let us assume ft+1 represents the next state in the chain, and Rt-1 represents the previous state in the chain. Let’s consider the following:
  • Assume that mining rewards dropped by 60%
  • Plugging this into the formula: ft+1 = (1+g) * 1/0.6 * ft = 1.67 * (1+g) * ft
  • Thus, fees would increase by a factor of 67%
  • 1+g represents a growth factor that will gradually increase in proportion to long-term growth of the Terra economy

How does this play out, and why is it important?
  • Consider that all transactions in the Terra ecosystem represent its GDP
  • Mining rewards and fees are inversely related to the GDP – that is, as the GDP increases the mining rewards and fees per transaction decrease. This shouldn’t be alarming as miners would be adequately compensated by the volume of transactions whilst users can continue to enjoy low fees (to a certain extent)
  • This might be concerning as following this logic it would mean that a large-scale adoption of Terra would result in increasingly diminishing rewards for miners and thus perturb their involvement in the ecosystem, reducing miner volume and centralising nodal power
  • However, recall the above formulas and arbitrage situations – mining rewards would be adjusted by a proportional increase in fees
  • This means that mining rewards will be of low volatility
  • Reducing the volatility and providing predictable rewards to miners is a mechanism via which Terra can continue to grow without fear of losing miners to more profitable and volatile protocols

Terra Treasury
  • The main focus of the treasury is the allocation of Luna from seigniorage to dApps
    • This process has multiple steps and involves the dApp applying for an account with the Treasury
    • Democracy is at the core of the system with validators voting to accept or reject dApp applications
    • Yes votes must be >= 33% of validator power for a dApp to be accepted
    • Validators have the right to blacklist a dApp for bad behaviour and the voting system is similar as above
    • The amount of funding is weighted
    • Weighting is determined by two factors: 1) How much economic activity does the dApp stimulate?; 2) How efficienctly does the dApp utilise allocated funds?

The mechanisms behind dApp funding allocation
The following is the formula via which Terra weights funding allocation to a dApp

The meaning of the symbols:
  • * = moving average
  • TVt* = Average transaction volume generated by the dApp in a preceeding arbitrary interval (we will assume from genesis of the dApp prior to a Treasury application). Therefore, this would represent the economic activity of the dApp. This considers factor 1) we discussed above.
  • ∆TV*t = Trend in transaction volume between two time points – we will again assume this would be between genesis and the current time point. If positive this would imply that the transaction volume is increasing
  • F*t-1 = Funding received up until this point
  • Thus, ∆TV*t/ F*t-1 = How does economic activity relte to funding, that is to say how efficiently does the dApp utilise its funding – a larger number implying greater degrees of funding efficiency. This considers factor 2) we discussed above
  • λ= How important is this economic activity? From the above we can see as  decreases there is a favour towards higher degrees of funding – thus we can modulate this parameter to favour dApps which have large economies

How do Terra stablecoins differ from other popular stablecoins?
  • Let’s consider the current top stablecoin USDT
  • USDT is centralised, controlled by Tether and minted arbitrarily by the organisation.
  • It is similar to Terra in that it is fiat-pegged
  • However, it differs in that its focus is fiat-pegging to the USD, whilst Terra is an ecosystem of stable coins which increases its potential to have more global adaptation and facilitate transactions between vendors where USD is not a viable medium
  • What further differs Terra from other stablecoin protocols is the adoption of decentralised oracles in which validators contribute to the price feeding via submitting oracle votes (bad behaviour being discouraged by slashing)

So are you bullish or bearish on Terra?
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2021.12.08 22:48 Antifacist_Bully_Boy The Storm arrived and it's all true! I take back everything I said about the Qult. Green may need to take a breath.

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2021.12.08 22:48 Properchicken21 I don't know if anyone else posted about this but I found some hidden dialogue,

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2021.12.08 22:48 Remote-Loss25 Instant Air Purifier, Helps Remove 99.9% Of Viruses...LINK IN COMMENTS

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2021.12.08 22:48 Nowhereman50 The Chinese Rover has found an active portal on the surface of the moon.

Upon further investigation the rover also discovered the portal's destination was Earth.
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